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RJ Mathews

Dyne Nutritional Supplement for Dogs & Puppies

Dyne Nutritional Supplement for Dogs & Puppies

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Provides additional calories when needed to active, working, performance, sporting and hunting dogs. Vanilla flavored to encourage consumption.


1 oz contains 174.9 kcal, min 1.9% crude protein, min 48.3% crude fat, max 0.5% crude fiber, min 1,790 IU vitamin A, min 186 IU vitamin D3, min 175 IU vitamin C, min 0.18 mg thiamine, min 0.25 mg riboflavin, min 1.92 mg niacin, min 0.18 mg vitamin B6, min 0.04 mg folic acid, min 0.71 mcg vitamin B12 and min 4.5 IU vitamin E.

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