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RJ Matthews

100% Mealworm Frenzy Treats for Chickens

100% Mealworm Frenzy Treats for Chickens

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Treats perfect for training or taming chickens. Tasty, all-natural dried mealworms offer chickens the taste they love without the inconvenience of live worms. Can be offered stand-alone or blended into feed.

Contains guaranteed min 51% crude protein, min 23% crude fat and max 8% crude fiber.

Directions: For chickens 2 weeks or older, use all year-round; feed straight from your hand, scattered on the ground or in feeding dish. Resealable bag. 3.5 oz contains approximately 3,250 dried mealworms.

Watch your flock dance and peck in a frenzy for these whole-dried mealworms!
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