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RJ Mathews

All-Pro Digestive Supplement 1 lb

All-Pro Digestive Supplement 1 lb

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An advanced fusion of all-natural premium functional carbohydrates, probiotics, active yeast cultures and digestive factors designed to support the proper balance and activity of the naturally occurring digestive micro flora in the digestive system. Beneficial for horses and other animals of all ages and classes especially when stressed or aged to assist in the normal digestion and absorption of essential nutrients in their feed and supplements.


Contains min 26% crude protein, min 10% crude fat, min 12% crude fiber, 3,950 mg yeast culture, min 24 billion CFU live lactic acid bacteria, min 234 million CFU lactobacillus acidophilus, min 164 million CFU enterococcus faecium, min 1400 mg mannan oligosaccharides, min 21 billion CFU saccharomyces cerevisiae, 195 mg bromelain, min 2,215 mg l-lysine, 282 mg vitamin C min, 669 mg omega-3 fatty acids and 508 mg omega-6 fatty acids.


Directions: Adult Horses - 2 large scoops daily; Foals - 1-3 small scoops daily; Adult Cattle - 2-3 large scoops daily; Calves - 1-2 large scoops daily; Adult swine - 1 large scoop daily; Nursery swine - 1/2 small scoop daily; Sheep/Goats - 1 large scoop daily; Dogs/Cats up to 10 lbs - 1/2 small scoop daily; Dogs/Cats over 10 lbs - 1 small scoop daily. Dual scoop enclosed; large end = 1/2 oz; small end = 1 tsp.

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