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RJ Mathews

Apple-A-Day Electrolyte for Horses 5 lbs.

Apple-A-Day Electrolyte for Horses 5 lbs.

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This original apple-flavored electrolyte/mineral replacement helps keep horses hydrated after a strenuous workout. Unbalanced electrolytes and minerals can cause muscle stiffness, tiredness and dehydration. Restores electrolytes, prevents dehydration and aids appetite and water consumption when used as a daily feed supplement.

Each 1 oz. powder dose contains 12% min potassium, 36.5% max salt, 21% max sodium, 6.9% max calcium, 0.5% min magnesium, manganese, zinc, iron, copper and cobalt.

Dosage in normal temperatures: 1/2 oz. daily for light work, 1 oz. daily for moderate work, 1-1/2 oz. daily for heavy training. Use 2 oz. daily for intense training in hot, humid weather. Mix with feed. 1 oz. scoop included. 5 lbs. = 2 month supply.

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