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RJ Mathews

Barrier Digestive Shield for Horses

Barrier Digestive Shield for Horses

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Helps protect against possible contaminated feed and hay, including mycotoxins, without limiting the absorption of nutrients. State of the art, scientifically engineered powder supplement effectively neutralizes mycotoxins, such as aflatoxin and fumonisin, and prevents them from being absorbed into the bloodstream.


Contains a functional carbohydrate that binds to bad bacteria, which prevents attachment to gut walls. Each oz contains guaranteed 7,000 mg mycotoxin absorbent, 7,000 mg mannanoligosaccharides and 550 mg vitamin C.


Directions: Horses, weanlings and yearlings - 1/2 oz per day; Horses under extreme stress conditions - up to 2 oz per day.


1/2 oz scoop enclosed.


2 lbs = 64 day supply.

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