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RJ Matthews

Blue Ribbon Anti-Diarrheal Boluses 50 ct.

Blue Ribbon Anti-Diarrheal Boluses 50 ct.

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For oral use as an aid in relief of simple, non-infectious diarrhea in calves, foals, cattle and horses. Formulated with ingredients to help stop diarrhea, coat and soothe irritated intestinal tissue and provide mild antacid activity. 

Contains 16.3% sodium aluminosilicate, 12.4% magnesium oxide, 8.4% sodium bicarbonate, 5% kaolin, 4% citric acid, 3.4% carob powder and 2.2% apple fiber. 

Dosage: Administer orally. Calves - Following colostrum feeding program to 3 weeks of age: 1 bolus. After 3 weeks of age to weaning: 2 boluses. Foals - Birth to weaning: 2 boluses. Repeat treatment at 4-6 hour intervals as needed. Cattle and horses - 2 boluses every 4-6 hours as needed. Discontinue use after 3 days. 
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