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RJ Mathews

Calf-Manna 10 lb

Calf-Manna 10 lb

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A proven concentrated supplement that makes a big difference in overall performance when added to daily rations. Can be fed to a wide range of animals - cattle, horses, swine, goats, rabbits and poultry. The first pelleted concentrate of its kind, it combines the finest ingredients, is highly palatable, highly digestible, and is a supreme protein and energy supplement. 


Some of the ingredients include:
Anise - a palatability aid to encourage consistent feed intake, helping animals start and stay on feed
High Quality Protein - from multiple sources, provides a variety of amino acids needed for growth and reproduction
Brewers Dried Yeast - aids in the healthy function of the digestive system and helps encourage intake
High Quality Carbohydrates - from multiple sources, highly digestible, provides an excellent source of energy
Linseed Meal - offers protein and oil for skin and coat conditioning 


Preferred by successful breeders, trainers and producers for keeping animals on feed - even during times of stress. 

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