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RJ Matthews

CocoSoya for Horses Granules 5 lbs.

CocoSoya for Horses Granules 5 lbs.

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Natural source of antioxidant protected fatty acids to support healthy skin and coat. Rich in omega-3, -6 and -9. Cool fuel source for hard keepers. Replacement for refined corn and vegetable oils. Tasty source of unprocessed, unrefined oil and a natural source of vitamin E. Increases feed palatability.

Liquid contains 98% total fatty acids, unrefined/expeller-pressed soybean oil, coconut oil, vitamin E supplement (as a preservative) and natural and artificial flavors.

Directions: Maintenance - 1-4 oz. daily; Heavy work - 4-8 oz. daily; Lactating mares - 4 oz. daily. For inhibition of dust on feed and for hair coat gloss - 4 oz. daily or 5 gals per ton of feed.

Palatable, 30% fat Granules provide all the advantages of the original liquid, combined with stabilized flax seed and stabilized rice bran.

Directions: Maintenance - 2-4 scoops daily; Heavy work - 4-8 scoops daily; Lactating mares - 4-6 scoops daily. For hair coat gloss - 3-4 scoops daily. Scoop enclosed.

CocoSoya: What makes it work?

Feeding any type of fat will increase what is called the "grease factor" in a horse's skin and coat. The hair will lie flatter and appear slicker. This effect is very different from the inside out deep glow and sheen seen in horses fed CocoSoya – and the benefits go further than just the outside appearance.

CocoSoya is a unique blend of coconut oil and unrefined, expellers pressed or "raw" soybean oil. Minimal processing and no high heat means many benefits of the oil are preserved in its natural state. Particularly, the solid material seen in the bottom of a jug of CocoSoya is rich in natural antioxidants such as lignans, tocotrienols, carotenoids and polyphenols. Refined oils found on many store shelves have been through processing that removes, reduces or destroys these natural nutrients that help protect the coat from sun or chemical damage, and the cells from free radical damage.

All fats benefit weight gain or maintenance simply because they are very calorie dense. CocoSoya is different from other vegetable oils because it is a rich source of medium chain triglycerides. The bulk of scientific evidence shows that medium chain triglycerides are less likely to be incorporated into the body fat than the long chain fats found in vegetable oils. It is far easier for this type of fat to be used by horse's cells as an energy source, so the horse fed CocoSoya will have a rich source of "cool" fuel for muscular work, not just laying down fat. CocoSoya isn't just for fattening – it is a rich source of easily utilized and concentrated calories for work. The omega-6 fatty acids found in CocoSoya play an integral part in immune system response, including serving as a barrier or shield for the skin. Omega-6 fatty acids in CocoSoya are essential, meaning they must come from the diet because the horse's body cannot manufacture them, and CocoSoya is a great way to supply them. 

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