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RJ Matthews

Corona Udder Butter 7 oz.

Corona Udder Butter 7 oz.

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Smooth, easy-spreading, lanolin-enriched skin protectant lubricates and softens painful, cracked skin and helps aid natural healing. Eases the discomfort of sensitive skin and helps restore moisture balance to painful, parched surfaces. Prevents chafing and chapping; especially useful for frost protection. 

For horses and other animals: offers soothing protection for chapped, wind-burned face and muzzle; as an emollient for minor irritations, abrasions and burns; as a hoof ointment, helps maintain hoof health, moisture balance and suppleness. 

Contains petrolatum 68%, castor oil, lanolin, neatsfoot oil and oxyquinoline. 

After milking, wash area and spread butter generously over affected area. Apply as needed until rawness and chapping are relieved.

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