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RJ Matthews

Curicyn Wound Care Clay 16 oz.

Curicyn Wound Care Clay 16 oz.

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Easy-to-use clay is great for packing wounds and hooves. Can be used on dogs, cats, reptiles, cattle, horses, goats, sheep and chickens. Recommended for use on open wounds, skin disorders, abscesses, thrush and white line disease, paw/nail injuries, ringworm, lick granuloma, sunburns, saddles sores and ear infections from years of mites.

Directions: Apply a liberal amount to affected area, creating a protective barrier. Reapply when "clay" becomes dry and/or becomes visually absent from affected area. Reapply as necessary until affected area is healed completely. Best results occur upon contact from freshly applied product. May be beneficial to shave or remove longer hair over or near affected area.

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