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RJ Matthews

Dr. Walther's Gastric Relief Gel for Animals 300 ml

Dr. Walther's Gastric Relief Gel for Animals 300 ml

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All-natural, ready-to-use gastric aid livestock product is a gel for animals suffering from grain overload, bloating, simple diarrhea, poisoning and other symptoms of indigestion. Also aids in relief of symptoms associated with colic.

Contains 46 gm calcium aluminosilicate in a specially formulated gel base, combined to make a highly absorptive product in a stable, smooth base.

Directions: Cattle and horses - 1 tube orally every 3 hours; Calves and foals - 1/2 tube every 3 hours.

Administer with tube dispensing gun or tube dispensing plunger sold separately.

Safety Diffuser Cap helps administer Walther Gastric Relief Gel to animals that are prone to coughing or gagging during dosing (sold separately).

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