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Esbilac Puppy Milk Replacer Liquid 8 fl oz

Esbilac Puppy Milk Replacer Liquid 8 fl oz

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Recommended for newborns to 6 weeks of age as a complete food source for orphaned or rejected puppies or those nursing, but needing supplemental feeding. Also recommended for growing puppies or adult dogs that are stressed and require a source of highly digestible nutrients. Ideal supplement for post-surgery and convalescence. Supplies necessary vitamins and minerals to ensure proper development and growth. Formulated to provide a caloric pattern similar to mother's milk in protein, fat and carbohydrates. Easy-to-digest, highly palatable, sterile formula.

Directions: Newborn puppies - 2 Tbsp per 4 oz body weight daily; Growing puppies/show dogs - 1 Tbsp per 5 lbs daily; Pregnant/lactating dogs - 2 Tbsp per 5 lbs daily.

Liquid is ready to feed; no mixing necessary.

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