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RJ Matthews

eZall Green Foamer Bathing Kit Blue

eZall Green Foamer Bathing Kit Blue

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Makes bathing your horse, livestock, and pets easy! Get animals and equipment clean without buckets, sponges, or scrubbing.

Heavy-duty eZall Foamer features a quick connect sprayer for easy attachment to any garden hose. Just fill with any eZall product, spray on and rinse off. Foamer automatically regulates application - no mixing or measuring. Provides amazing results in 5 minutes or less. Blue.

Kit includes 32 oz. eZall Foamer with 3 adjustable water pressure tips, 9-position rinse head, 4 oz. eZall Total Body Wash Fresh Scent (makes 32 oz.) and an eZall Shine & Detangler sample.

Save time, money and effort with eZall, the leader in spray-on, rinse-off, bio-based grooming products. eZall is effective without any harsh, drying effects of traditional cleansers. These products deliver consistent results even on the toughest grooming jobs. Just spray and rinse - no scrubbing necessary!

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