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RJ Matthews



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60g of First Arrival with Encrypt Fiber Source Calf Supplement

Innovative formula designed to help support proper digestion, normal intestinal health and healthy immune function
Advanced, proprietary formula helps build a strong immune system to support healthier calves. Core part of digestive heath support program for calves during critical early growth period. Targets 98% of pathogens that cause scours and malnutrition, including cryptosporidium. When fed for 14 days, provides Encrypt, a unique fiber source with absorptive capabilities and releases organic acids to support a healthy gut. 
Contains powerful organic compounds, targeted egg protein, whey protein, micro-encapsulated lactic acid forming bacteria and absorptive compounds to better enable a newborn calf to fight harmful pathogens when they are most vulnerable. Also contains yucca schidigera, psyllium seed husk and essential oils. No animal by-products. 
Herds feeding First Arrival as recommended can help calves reach full genetic potential and help avoid profit-robbing scours. Will not interfere with vaccination protocols nor antibiotic regimens. 
Highly palatable, convenient Paste for individual administration when support is needed, any time and any place. Each gram Paste contains 6.8 million CFUs total lactic acid bacteria. 
Directions: Administer orally on back of tongue to calves over 24 hours old. Mild scours - 20 gm, Moderate scours - 40 gm, Severe scours - 60 gm. Repeat dosage as necessary.
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