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RJ Matthews

Grand Digest Digestive Supplement for Horses 5 lbs.

Grand Digest Digestive Supplement for Horses 5 lbs.

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Keeps horses' complex digestive system operating at peak performance. Three-part support for stomach, small intestine and hindgut digestion. 

1. Combines nutrients to bind and neutralize mycotoxins in the stomach, allowing them to pass harmlessly through the body. Added glutamine provides nourishment and repair to sensitive stomach lining where ulcers can occur.

2. Boosts enzymatic breakdown of nutrients in the small intestine, while glutamine prompts intestinal villi to grow and increases their ability to absorb and carry nutrients to the bloodstream.

3. Combines fungi and Diamond VTM yeast in the hindgut to maximize the breakdown of more fibrous feed. Also stabilizes the pH, reducing the risk of colic, and improves function of the immune system.

Each 2 oz. dose contains 21,262 mg zeolytes, 11,340 mg saccharomyces yeast, 7,382 mg sodium aluminosilicate, 4,252 mg digestive enzyme blend, 3,969 mg aspergillus oryzae and 1,984 mg glutamine.

Dosage: 1 scoop (2 oz.) per 1,000 lbs. body weight. Administer during or after animal has eaten to reduce incidence of gastrointestinal upset. 5 lbs. = 40 doses.

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