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Karla's Original Krudzapper 16 oz.

Karla's Original Krudzapper 16 oz.

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Karla's Original Krudzapper is a topical ointment for all animals that is safe and effective. Formulated using animal fat as its base, and contains a proprietary blend of disinfectants and oils. Krudzapper has been shown to be extremely effective on horses, dogs, cats, livestock, kangaroos, birds, camels and more. Helps with a variety of conditions including ringworm, rain rot, scratches, summer sores, tick sores, lacerations, wounds, fungus, warts, hot spots and more.

Highly effective barrier against insects, germs, and water and promotes hair growth. In case of an emergency, Krudzapper is a one-step go to product that is fast acting and is a unique solution when an emergency occurs and no other option is present.

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