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Shiloh Tack

Manna Pro Advanced Cetyl-M Pellets Joint Supplement 11 lbs.

Manna Pro Advanced Cetyl-M Pellets Joint Supplement 11 lbs.

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Provide your horse with some relief with Manna Pro Cetyl-M Horse Joint Supplement. It is uniquely designed to support and sustain joint health and function. This supplement helps ease the aches and discomfort that can occur from heavy exercise, training and competition. It also contains 100% plant-derived Cetyl-M complex with no animal by-products for the safety of your horse. Made in the USA, Manna Pro Cetyl-M Joint Supplement is highly palatable and formulated with molasses and apple flavoring for a taste your horse will love. 

Its proprietary blend of uniquely balanced ingredients is carefully designed for active and older horses. Each 2-scoop serving contains 5500 mg CM, 3000 mg glucosamine-HCl, 3000 mg MSM, 1000 mg vitamin C, plus other vital nutrients in a palatable apple and molasses-flavored base. It contains all-natural ingredients, can be used along with other medication, and has shown no negative side effects. Feed 2 scoops twice daily for 10-30 days, then 1 scoop once daily as a maintenance dose. Mix with feed or grain. 

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