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RJ Matthews

Safe-Guard Horse and Cattle Dewormer Paste 25 gm

Safe-Guard Horse and Cattle Dewormer Paste 25 gm

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Contains 100 mg fenbendazole per gm.

25 gm and 92 gm Paste - Safe and convenient for use in all horses, foals and ponies, including pregnant mares, older horses, thin and underweight horses, and miniature horses. Apple-cinnamon flavored oral dewormer is for the control of large and small strongyles, roundworms and pinworms. 92 gm syringe is also labeled for use in beef and dairy cattle for the removal and control of lungworms, three types of stomach worms and six types of intestinal worms. Each 25 gm syringe will treat one 1,100 lb. horse; each 92 gm syringe will treat 8 - 500 lb. animals. For foals and weanlings less than 18 months of age, use double the dose on a per pound basis.

8 day slaughter withdrawal; no milk withdrawal. Withdrawal period has not been established in pre-ruminating calves. Do not use in veal calves.

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