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Shiloh Tack

32" x 31" Showman Contoured Mohair Pure Wool Saddle Pad

32" x 31" Showman Contoured Mohair Pure Wool Saddle Pad

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This pad is crafted from soft, luxurious mohair wool that is both moisture-wicking and breathable. The contoured design ensures a perfect fit for your horse, providing maximum comfort and stability during long rides. The 1” thick, plush padding offers excellent shock absorption, reducing the risk of soreness and injury.

In addition, this saddle pad features brown wear leathers that help to protect the pad from wear and tear caused by the friction of your saddle. These durable leather patches are strategically placed in areas that are most likely to experience rubbing and friction, making the pad last longer and look better over time. This pad is ideal for ranch work, intense trail rides, and high-withered horses.

  • 32" x 31" x 1”
  • Mohair pure wool.
  • Vented cutout wither.
  • Reinforced spine.
  • Conforms to your horses back for a sure fit.
  • Smoother shock absorbing rides.
  • Cutout sides for closer contact.
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