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RJ Matthews

SOLOCOMB Humane Horses Dog Cat For mane grooming

SOLOCOMB Humane Horses Dog Cat For mane grooming

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SoloComb Humane Groomer for Horses and Pets

The original, humane, problem-solving comb will achieve the same result as a conventional pulling comb, quickly and efficiently. Manufactured from high impact ABS plastic with rubberized coating for a non-slip easy grip. Blades are heat-treated, precision-engineered stainless steel to ensure high performance; designed to provide heavy wear and easily replaced.

Hook-on handle enables comb to be hung up or attached to belt.

Suitable for most horse breeds including Arabian, Appaloosa, English Cob, Pinto, Shetland Pony and Connemaras. Great for Scottish Terriers.

Product Features

  • Doesn't pull, break or tear hair – never pull a mane again!
  • Absolutely no pain to horse or human – the pain-free way to shorten and thin the mane and tail
  • Achieve that natural pulled look without discomfort!
  • For horses, dogs and cats
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