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RJ Mathews

Sturtevants Veterinary Remedies Canine Antiseptic Powder 6 oz

Sturtevants Veterinary Remedies Canine Antiseptic Powder 6 oz

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Newly fortified variety of the iconic Columbia Veterinary Antiseptic Powder. This new formula is now more specific to the needs of large and small animals. If you liked Columbia Veterinary Powder before, you will love Sturtevant’s Veterinary Remedies Powder now. 


Formulated to stop itch and irritation, and promote healing. For treatment of bacterial and fungal irritations of the skin. May be used under casts to prevent skin lesions. Promotes the healing of wounds and abrasions, scabies, mites, parasitic irritation, hot spots, swimmer's ear, staph infections, eczema and dandruff. 


Contains zinc oxide, talc, boric acid and carbolic acid (phenol). 


Directions: Clean area and apply liberally on legs or paws. A paste may be made by adding water. Apply paste to inflamed or affected area as indicated above. Wrap or bandage treated area if necessary. Avoid eyes and mucous membranes.

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