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RJ Matthews

The Chicken Swing

The Chicken Swing

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Provides an activity for all breeds and ages of chickens to use in the coop. Not simply a swinging perch - revolutionary design allows chickens to actually swing! Mailbox-shaped perch with corn-like texture allows a variety of fowl to grip and pump the swing. Plastic is rot-free and resists mites. Cross-member keeps swing from twisting after dismount; fully adjustable. Perch tongues allow twist of perch to apply torque to rope, giving chickens that extra swing.

Features safety side ties, rope buckle for easy set-up, and 2 pieces of 6' UV- and weather-resistant soft solid braid polypropylene rope. Fits any size coop or run. Safe quality parts are made to last. Perch measures 16.25"L.

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