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RJ Matthews

The German Minty Muffins Horse Treats 1 lb.

The German Minty Muffins Horse Treats 1 lb.

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All-natural horse treats with a sweet candy center
It's The German Horse Muffin with a sweet, minty center. The German Horse Muffin's founder was born and raised in Germany, and perfected the German recipe here in the USA. The German Minty Muffin is a sweet and chewy indulgence for horses made from fresh, all-natural ingredients; a decadent blend of sweet feed and molasses.

Contain min 8.55% crude protein, min 3.09% crude fat, max 2.2% crude fiber, max 11.89% moisture, max 5.43% ash, molasses products, corn, oats, bran, wheat flour, cornstarch, soybean meal, dehydrated alfalfa meal, vitamins and more.

Directions: As a treat - feed as desired while training, riding or anytime. Protect from heat.

Transit and Storage Guidelines 
German Minty Muffins are sensitive to heat. Heat-sensitive; climate-controlled storage required/recommended. To ensure that product stays in "mint condition", store in a cool, dry place. 

Minty Muffins are manufactured in a climate-controlled facility. Best practices are to transport and store at temperatures not exceeding 79°F.  

As of August 1, 2022, the manufacturer will not issue credit for melted mints due to heat/improper storage or expired product.
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