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Tough-1 Paw-Be-Gone Ankle Bands

Tough-1 Paw-Be-Gone Ankle Bands

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Paw-Be-Gone ankle bands teach your horse to stand quietly without pawing. Bands easily slide over leg and stay secure with an elastic loop. When pawing, this band applies pressure to the coronet band making it uncomfortable for your horse to continue with the bad habit. Heavy powder-coated steel construction is built to last. Sold as a pair. 2 3/4" wide opening, 1" wide x 14 1/4" long metal band To apply, release rubber band and slide onto cannon bone from rear of leg. Paw-Be-Gone can then be lowered over the ankle and down onto the pastern. Once in place, pull rubber band across the opening and into the notch to secure. Paw-Be-Gone should fit loosely but not fall off. If fit correctly it can be used without securing with the rubber band. Do not use when riding or horse is pastured and exercising.

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